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Corn Flour from Bulgaria
Оптовая цена
360 €/т FOB
Milkov 63, ЕООД, BG
Corn flour - 100% natural bulgarian product, packing : 40 kg. polypropylene bags
В радиусе 400 км от Аданы
High Protein Animal Feed Corn DDGS
210 $/т CIF
Круком, ЧП, UA, 67 км
We, «Starartmaster» LLC, as the seller, with full corporate responsibility, confirm that we are ready and able to Sell the following product on...
Hard Wheat CIF Mersin, Turkey
Оптовая цена
до 275 $/т CIF
Русская Торговая Организация, ООО, RU, 67 км +3 объявления
Russian grain company Russian Trade Organization (RTO) offers the russian durum wheat 2-3 class on terms CIF Mersin, Turkey by the following...
190 €/шт CIF  
Оптовая цена
215 - 230 €/шт
ГСКСМ, ООО, RU, 88 км
Wheat grade 3 protein 12.5%, wheat protein 11.5%, wheat protein 10%, corn protein 8%, barley protein 10%. Prices are already with delivery to CIF...
Corn flour
Цена по запросу
Апк -Ресурс, ООО, UA, 394 км +2 объявления
Our company sells Corn Flour. We work by bank transfer. Basic principles of our work: - Reliability of contractual conditions; - We offer...
Цена по запросу
Кловер Груп, ООО, UA, 394 км
We sell cereal crops: wheat, corn, barley, millet, wheat, soybeans (soy), sunflower. There is also flour, oil, and other agricultural...
Цена по запросу
ЛибертиОйл, ООО, BY, 394 км
Corn oil RBD in flexitank/bulk 300 mt in month
Wheat Flour
Цена по запросу
Апк -Ресурс, ООО, UA, 394 км +2 объявления
Our company sells Wheat Flour. We work by bank transfer. We invite intermediaries and consumers to mutually beneficial cooperation. Give all the...
Beet and Cane Sugar (wholesale)
Оптовая цена
от 380 $/т
Rakaza, АОЗТ, UA, 394 км +1 объявление
We supply food to 27 countries of the world. Range: Cane Sugar - Brazil Beet Sugar - Ukraine Wheat flour Crude sunflower oil Raw soybean...
Wheat Flour
250 €/т EXW
Зернова База України, ООО, UA, 394 км
"Mill Base" LLC is the manufacturer of Wheat Flour and Wheat Brans under TM "Bread Master". High quality and environmentally friendly, Premium and...
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